1 Km Swim Record

"   I am a PADI dive instructor and for our Dive Master course the top mark requires a swim of 400 metres in under 6 min 30 sec.
  I believe the best time to swim is either at high tide or low tide as the amount of change in water volume is the least. " [3]

" She was already an accomplished ultra-runner, but had floundered on the 150 m swim leg of the Hoohathlon.
She was taking baby steps, and doing everything right - going to swim class, coached, putting in time at the pool, doing 2 km distances even - and I knew she would get there eventually.
Cyn, why not you swim to the kayak then the kayak can bring you back to the beach. " [2]

" The current Ironman Hawaii course record was set in 2011 by Craig Alexander (Australia), whose winning time was 8 hours 3 minutes 56 seconds.
Mirinda Carfrae (Australia) set the womens course record in 2013 with a winning time of 8 hours 52 minutes 14 seconds. " [1]


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